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Flooding with Love for The Kid Online (2007)

Assistir Flooding with Love for The Kid Online Grátis. O filme foi lançado no ano de 2007, tem uma nota de 0.0 no site do Filmow e foi dirigido por Zachary Oberzan.

Flooding with Love for The Kid online
Ficha técnica

Flooding with Love for the Kid might be 2010?s film with the most to say about cinema; it?s also the film least informed by it. Zachary Oberzan had a budget of $96 and used only one camera, but nothing in this one-man adaptation of First Blood (the novel that inspired Rambo) recalled the shaky, impressionistic beauty that much lo-fi filmmaking strives for. Instead, the shots were artlessly composed and always static. In fact, not a single frame was aesthetically pleasing ? even the fonts were bad. But film isn?t nice composition, and Oberzan ? an Obie-winning thespian accustomed to performing without props or sets ? realized this, masterfully utilizing pacing, editing, and sheer conviction to transform household items into helicopters and cars, and to expand his 220-sq. ft. apartment into an entire county. It was an impressive feat, especially since he played 20 different characters (and 3 dogs), sometimes 6 onscreen at a time. Flooding with Love for The Kid online

  • Título original: Flooding with Love for The Kid (Original)
  • Gênero Ação, Drama, Filmes, Guerra
  • Média geral 0.0
  • Ano de lançamento: 2007
  • Duração: 107 minutos
  • Dirigido por Zachary Oberzan
  • Países de Origem Estados Unidos da América
  • Estreia 28 de Julho de 2007
  • Elenco Zachary Oberzan (Rambo / Teasle / Trautman / All Characters)

Assistir Flooding with Love for The Kid Online Grátis

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