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An Old Lady Online (2019)

Assistir An Old Lady Online Grátis. O filme foi lançado no ano de 2019, tem uma nota de 3.5 no site do Filmow e foi dirigido por Im Seon Ae.

An Old Lady online
Ficha técnica

Hyo-jeong, a 69-year-old woman, is raped by a male nurse aide. She informs it to Dong-in who lives with her and reports to the police but few people, including the police, are willing to believe her words. Most people question whether that handsome young man really would have done so. Only Dong-in, who loves Hyo-jeong dearly, is cooing to free her from her injustice but even himself feels difficult to trust her wholeheartedly.
Meanwhile, the male nurse aide claims that it was a consensual sexual relationship and the court rejects the arrest warrant on the nurse. Now Hyo-jeong is up to a plan by herself. An Old Lady online

  • Título original: 69 years old (Original)
  • Gênero Drama, Filmes
  • Média geral 3.5
  • Ano de lançamento: 2019
  • Duração: 100 minutos
  • Dirigido por Im Seon Ae
  • Estreia 2019

Assistir An Old Lady Online Grátis

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